• Evan Welbourne

Data, Algorithms, Internet of Things


I lead Machine Learning for Alexa Smart Home at Amazon. This includes a variety of products such as Hunches which help our customers live more comfortably and sustainably while keeping their families safe. Prior to Smart Home I founded and led AlgoSnap, a startup that accelerates design and deployment of machine learning at the edge for the Internet of Things. I also managed the Computer Vision Research Group at Amazon, led the Device Intelligence Group at Samsung Research, and was a Senior Scientist on the Personalized Relevancy, Ranking, and Recommendation team at Nokia Research Palo Alto.

My primary interests are at the intersection of sensors, HCI, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. My work has also been motivated by the need to protect user privacy in IoT applications. I have a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Toronto as well as M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle where I led the RFID Ecosystem project.

Previous Employers




A selection of public projects from the last 15 years.

Teaching and Advising

I advised graduate and undergraduate students at Samsung, Nokia, and UW CSE. Projects ranged in topic and scope, but all contributed to development and evaluation of context-aware apps, infrastructure, or tools.

Alex Jansen UW iSchool UX Design for Android Crowdsensing Client
Chloe Fan CMU Personal Visual Analytics for Mobile Context
Nima Nikzad UCSD Mobile Sensor and Context Client for Android
Victoria Kirst UW CSE Windows Desktop Search w/Complex RFID Events
Sam Raymer UW EE Facebook Games using Complex RFID Events
Angela Pai UW CSE Personal Object Search and Tracking with RFID
Leilani Battle UW CSE (Intel REU) Clustering Algorithms to Extract Places from RFID
Kayla Gould WOU CS (DMP) Mobile and Web-Based Reminder Application w/RFID
Kyle Rector OSU EECS (DMP) Event-Based Search w/RFID and Google Desktop
Garret Cole UW CSE Live Display of Complex RFID Events w/Virtual Earth
Julia Schwarz UW CSE Location-Aware Facebook Application using RFID
Caitlin Lustig UW CSE Simulator for Pervasive RFID Deployments
Jordan Walke UW CSE Work on the PEEX Event Detection Engine
Doug Copas UW CSE RFID Deployment Visualization
Leaf Xu Ye UW CSE Enhancements to Web-Based RFID Friend Finder
Paramjit Singh UW CSE Secure, Non-Blocking I/O for RFID Readers
Andrew Sun UW CSE Mobile Interface to RFID Friend Finder w/Nokia N80
Patricia Lee UW CSE Adapted Borealis Streaming Engine for use w/RFID
Justin Vincent UW CSE Web-Based Log of Personal RFID Events
Robert Spies UW CSE Deterministic RFID Event Detection API for the Web

University of Washington, CSE
TA, Graduate Database Systems 2009
Organizer, Society and Technology Seminar 2007-2008
Organizer, Ubiquitous Computing Seminar 2003-2008
TA, Software for Embedded Systems 2003
TA, Advanced Computer Architecture 2003
TA, Model Checking and SW Verification 2003
TA, Graduate Computer Architecture 2003
TA, Operating Systems 2003
TA, Computer Organization 2002

University of Toronto
TA, Principles of Programming Languages 2001
TA, Software Tools and Systems Programming 2000
TA, Introduction to Computer Programming in Java 2000




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(24% acceptance rate)

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